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One holiday season, many years ago, a family visited a Santa at their favorite department store.  After their visit, the children's father asked Santa if he might visit a local school.  Santa said yes.  This visit led to another and soon Santa was very, very busy.   

Santa traveled everywhere.  He visited schools, homes and  companies.  He helped the Marines at a “Toys for Tot’s” event.  He even  appeared on TV shows, in commercials, and in some advertisements.


Santa Tim


A few years later, as while traveling, this "Real" Santa met some of his "Brother" Santas  They were part of an organization called AORBS, Amalgamated order of Real Bearded Santas.  Soon after he joined their organization.


These Santas include magicians, singers, dancers, and wonderful storytellers.  They love their work, telling stories and meeting everyone.

Within this web site you will see a variety of photos featuring many of the over 100 "Real Santas" available to visit in different parts of the country.  We invite you to Book one of our Santas for your Holiday Event.  Just click on the “Book a Santa” button. 


Santa Joe & Wayne Brady



Joey, Susie, Patty & Barnaby



The "Little People Elves" have partied with Santa, Madonna, Pamela Anderson and many celebrities.

Santa Tim & the Elves






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