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Fellow Santas,

As our business has grown, so too has the need to be more efficient and prompt in collecting from clients and paying you our Santas.   As has been our policy, and per our contracts, we generally send each Santa a deposit and he collects his balance at the end of his appearance.  However, in some cases, clients do mail or charge their payments, which requires that we send the balance to the Santa. 

In order to accomplish this on a smooth and timely basis, we have put together a schedule for sending payments to all of our Santas, entertainers, and helpers. 

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Santa Tim and Elf Kim

Work Period

Payment Mailing Date*

November 1 - 11

November 16

November 12 - 25

November 28

November 26 December  2

December 7

December 3 9

December 14

December 10 - 16

December 21

December 17 25

December 31

December 26 January 1

January  4, 2008




*All payments to Santas, entertainers and helpers is based on the clients payment to the Kringle Group or