Background Checks

Background Checks for
Santas, Mrs. Claus and Helpers

All Santas, Mrs. Claus and event talent are required to have both a current background check and a minimum $1million liability insurance coverage.  These are obtained via most Santa and Talent associations.  A certificate of insurance (COI) must be issued nameing & The Kringle Group, 20 Kent Place, Amity Harbor, NY, 11701.

Why a Background Check?

Most major companies and many clients, including now require that anyone working with children be required to confirm a background check prior to working at any booking or event.  Many clubs and assocaitions now also require background checks of anyone joining.

To insure that the background check information is ‘Fresh,’ we do not require the background check be done until October 1, or four weeks prior to the first day of work.  If you are a year-round entertainer or a Summer-Santa, you should have a background check done annually or at least every 18 months.  We normally will accept a background check if it is within the past 18 months.


  • a national criminal records database search.
  • a national sexual offender database search.

Local municipal or county searches are not admissable for this purpose as they do not include the national checks.

We understand that some Santas do have their own local background checks, done by their local police, etc.  We will accept documentation or proof of background checks by legitimate agencies, however their check must included all of the above national data bases, otherwise we cannot accept them.

Some entertainment insurance companies are now providing additional insurance coverage should you have a current background check.   Please know that the background check needs to be current at the time you buy your insurance.

Financial or credit background checks are not required or necessary and normally do not include the national criminal and sexual offender searches. does not require drug testing and/or fingerprint checks, at this time, unless specified by the Client.    However please know that some photo companies and malls may request such as a condition of  employment.  This is usually at their expense.

The basic cost for a background check varies from less than $8.00, to as much as $49.00, plus any local, county or state fees for your jurisdiction. Unless your background check is being paid for by a photo company or mall, this fee is usually paid by you, the Santa.  Often when a background check is done in conjunction with the purchase of an insurance policy the cost of the background check is less and may include a bonus of additional coverage.

Background checks are for each individual.  It cannot be extended to couples, partners or other entertainers.

Here are some sources for background checks:

FORBS  Santas – Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas  – $19.95   (Arizona, California and Nevada Santas only) (Click on link above and select Benefits)

  • Available only to members & associates (Annual Dues $25)
  • Background Checks processed by IntelliCorp Records, Inc.
  • Cost is $19.95 per person, Santa, Mrs. Claus, Assitant or Helper
  • Takes between 5 and 7 days to get a report (Our advice, Don’t wait till the last minute!)
  • Is required to extend the Sexual molestation insurance rider offered by Karcher Campbell
  • According to IntelliCorp, there may be additional charges if the local county or state charge fees.
  • Your documents will come from FORBS.
  • Additional charges may apply

IBRBS – International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas – $5.00

  • Background Checks processed by CLEARSTAR and available to members only (Annual dues $25)
  • Cost is $5.00 per Santa.  This is only for dues paying members as the club is actually subsidizing the cost of the check and only charges their members $5.00.
  • Includes a criminal search using a national criminal database which contains the FBI Most Wanted List, Sex Offender Registries, County criminal activity, Federal criminal activity and hundreds of other criminal reporting sources. Also includes local “county” criminal records check.
  • Must have if you wish to extend the Sexual molestation insurance rider offered by Karcher Campbell
  • Your documents will come from CLEARSTAR
  • NO additional fees for local, county or state checks, etc.
  • For additional details please contact the IBRBS

Lone Star Santasrepresenting the Santas of Texas  $13.50

  • Background Checks processed by ClearStar.
    • Cost is $13.50 per person, Santa, Mrs. Claus, Assistant or Helper
    • Is required to extend the Sexual molestation insurance rider with Karcher Campbell Insurance.    – $44.95    No Membership required

  • Cost is just $44.95 for a comprehensive, hands on search, primary source documents search with all records verified   .
  • Includes the following checks: Social Security Address Locator; U.S. Criminal Search; Sex Offender Search; All Names/All Counties Search.  No additional charges for county  or state fees.
  • This is a major national company that handles all of the background checks for the American Red Cross  and other well known agencies and companies.
  • Share it with whom you want, when you want


  • Takes Six to Eight Weeks.
  • Click on the link above to read all information from the FBI
  • Print our their fingerprint card.  It must be printed on a heavy paper or card stock.
  • Go to your local Police or Sheriff and have them take your fingerprints and send in the form with your Cashiers Check or Money order for $18.
  • Follow all of the instructions on the page.


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NOTE:  The information we list is from the various associations around the U.S. that offer background checks and liabiliy insurance for Santas, Mrs. Claus and Holiday professionals.   It is subject to change by either the associations or agencies that offer these services and assumes no responsibility should they make changes to what is listed here.  So please check before you buy.  Also check with your own local association and see what they have to offer. does not make any suggestions on what background check or insurance you should get and please do not contact us asking for advice on who to choose.  We only collect this information to make it easier for you.  Should you find out, or know that something listed here is incorrect, or has changed, or if you know of another source that should be added to this list, Please let us know.  Email us at: