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If you are visiting this page it is assumed that you are a professional Santa and/or Mrs. Claus and wish to part of our Santa listings for job opportunities and be listed and seen on our web site.

When this site was first started, it was only for Santas with a Real Beard.  However, we now open our doors to all Santas and to Mrs. Claus also, as we know the realism is what comes from your heart.

The true test, of the realism of a Santa, is in the eyes of the child and your acceptance as Real, whether with a Real Beard or Theatrical Beard, depends on the adults and parents who make the final decision.

We welcome you to our program and invite you to complete the form below and attach the photo/s you wish to have appear on this web site.  Include a little information about your experience and background as a Santa, plus a good head shot in your Santa Suit.   We can also accept a second photo with your full Santa Suit.

Prior to appearing on this web site or to be listed in our registry for hire, you must show proof of  having: a good Santa Suit, real boots and real belt; that you have or can obtain liability insurance, and that you have passed a national background check within the past 18 months.

NOTE:   Prior to appearing for any contracted event or activity, you must show proof having a minimum $1/$2 million in liability insurance, and of having a current national background check, including cross checks on the national sexual offenders registries. The insurance and background checks are available through most state and national Santa Associations. For details on the insurance or background check, Click Here.


This Talent Application form is for Santas and/or Mrs. Claus interested in being listed on this web sight for possible bookings. Please fill out all sections. If you have any questions, please use the comment box. We will follow up with you as soon as possible.
  • Select the category you wish to have listed. Should you wish to be listed seperately, you must submit two applications.
  • Please tell us how you wish to be addressed: i.e., "Santa Bill" "Eastend Santa" or what ever Name you wish to be addressed by when in your Santa Attire.
  • All Talent is required to have a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance. You will also be required to supply proof of insurace, with certificates naming The Kringle Group and possibly our national sponsor and the Store where you will be appearing.
  • All Talent is required to have National Background Check, including a check against the National Sex Offender's registry. This must be from within the past 12 months of the time you will be working. You must be able to show proof of thisbackground check. This is not proof of a gun permit or something your local police or sheriff has supplied.
  • Drop files here or
    Please attach one or more photos you wish to have considered on this web site. No matter what photos you submit, only one will be selected for posting. Remember that the better the photo, the better chance to attract someone to book you.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.