Santa Volunteers T4T

Hello to all Santas and Mrs. Claus.  Thank you for your interest in volunteering to assist your local Marine Corps Toys for Tots Campaign. 

Each year the United States Marine Corps Reserve and thousands of volunteers step up and take care of Millions of less fortunate Children with the gift of a few toys from Santa Claus.

In recent years, Toys for Tots has also extended their work to include a national literacy program and the additional distribution of toys, books and games, following national disasters.   This year, they added a new element by distributing over 2 million toys to children during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We know the Marines are usually in Camouflage or Dress Blues.  But underneath many believe there is a red suit.   And that is where you come in.

Sometimes the Campaigns need a Santa to volunteer for media events or for the special distribution events.   If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact your local Campaign. 

It is not too difficult.  Just follow these steps:

  1.  Visit the Toys for Tots official web site:
  2. Click on the link: “Find your local Campaign.”
  3. Search by State and then  select your  city or county.  Or use the handy map.
  4. When you find your local campaign, follow the information to call or email them
  5. If you cannot find a local campaign, check for the local campaign nearest to you.
  6. If all else fails, email Santa Tim at:

Please remember, the T4T campaign coordination begins in September.  However, if there is a local committee of volunteers, you might be able to reach someone during the summer months.  

If you are contacting an actual Marine base or facility, remember it is an active military installation. The Marines that work there  have a mission involved with training, operations, global deployments and military funeral honors.  So it is recommended that you email them during the early part of the year.   After Labor day, you can try calling.

If you have any questions, you can email Santa Tim: 

NOTE:  This page is not an official Toys for Tots site and is only here for information on how to connect with the local Toys for Tots Campaign.